White vinyl car decal measuring 11" x 12". 

Installation is not included or provided by seller. 


Tips for installing:

  • When choosing a place for the image, avoid putting it in the way of wiper blades. If your car has back wipers, next best visibility is on the drivers side back window.
  • Wipe off any dirt with glass cleaner with a cloth. (Paper towel tends to leave dust behind)
  • Find a good center line vertically and horizontally on the window. 
  • Find the center of the image (on this image it is vertically just down from the main star above Troy's name and horizontally between the C and M) 
  • Match that center mark with the center mark on the window
  • Peel up a small side of the paper on the back and fold it back. VERY CAREFULLY place the vinyl sticker on the window and rub it down to keep it in place.
  • Slowly peel the back off, scrubbing the vinyl sticker down as you go. Use a credit card to work out any bubbles and ensure the image is stuck down. 
  • Once it is fully stuck onto the window, carefully peel up the sticky paper on the front. Be sure to peel back as close to a 180 degree angle as possible.
  • Carefully clean your window off with some glass cleaner to get rid of any leftover adhesive.

Troy C. Marvin Car Decal